New App Version

Released on 1-July-2020

Android Version

1.0.0 or higher

iOS Version

1.0.0 or higher

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Rebuild Required

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The New App Version add-on enables you to create a new build to update the app name, icon, and launch screen of your app. The tool can help your app stay updated with new design and industry trends.


Update App Name

Changing the app name can become important if you want to rebrand and start over due to a new industry trend or a myriad of other reasons. This add-on allows you to update your app name.


Update App Icon

An app icon can be trendy one day and mundane a month later. Perceptions towards design and aesthetics keep changing. Stay ahead of trends and give your app icon the facelift it needs.


Update Launch Screen

Just like the app icon, the splash screen can also lose its vibrance and panache over a period of time and may require an update. Design a brand new splash screen & welcome users with an engaging interface.


Build & Download a New App Build

Once the order is processed, you can again start making changes to your app name, icon, and splash. The changes will create a new version of your app. You will have to replace the old app store version of your app with this new updated one.


The add-on allows you to make endless changes to the app name, icon, and splash screen until you generate a new build. Users will be able to see your new app name, icon, and launch screen when they update your app on their devices. Move with the times and capture the design aesthetic and brand name that captures the moment.