online mobile payment

Payment gateway integration for your e-commerce website: A complete guide

The consumerization of technology has opened new horizons for businesses and customers equally. There are multiple tools, products, and services for all our needs and the route to accessing such products and services has also become easier. For instance, if you are willing to complement your business with an app, there is no need to burn a hole in your pocket and go through the traditional and...
Make an app for your course-based WordPress website

How to make an app for your course-based WordPress website?

Online learning has been one of the boons of the digital age. To learn anything today, you can instantly access quality content and get a seamless learning experience. Even starting a course-based website is not a huge challenge. WordPress website owners can choose from a ton of LMS solutions to add courses on their website. This makes it extremely easy for website owners to offer courses in a...
software versioning

Understanding software version numbers: The complete guide

Technology is shaping our lives and the world around us in ways beyond our imagination. Today, we are more reliant on our hardware devices and software products & services than ever. Businesses and consumers both make use of multiple tools and services when it comes to achieving their day to day goals. For instance, Google is the first thing that comes to our mind when we need to find...
preview video

Creating videos for App Store and Play Store listings: The complete guide

The growing number of smartphone users has also led to an increase in the demand for mobile apps. The significance of websites has become somewhat limited and mobile apps are overtaking them in almost every realm and industry. As a matter of fact, there are around 2.87 million apps on Google Play and around 1.96 million apps on the App Store. These numbers denoting the roaring success and...
app store rejection

Avoid getting rejected by Apple App Store: Find ways to make a comeback if you do

Getting rejected by Apple App Store is more common than what you may imagine. Even when businesses think they have created a stunning app with no flaws, there are chances that it will be rejected. Apple guidelines are very stringent. Ensuring you have a comprehensive step-by-step guide ready is paramount as you submit your app to the App Store. There can be many reasons why App Store refuses to...
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Plugin not working with AppMySite? Here’s what you can do

AppMySite is built to enable both WordPress and WooCommerce users to create mobile apps. There are many reasons we support the WordPress community. Besides being the biggest CMS platform in the world, it also offers website owners a ton of functionality through its core features and third-party plugins. In fact, businesses choose WordPress mainly because of the free library of plugins they can...

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Support for custom post types and taxonomies is now available

Support for custom post types and taxonomies is now available

AppMySite now supports custom post types and taxonomies. You can now import custom post types and taxonomies created by third-party plugins to the app. Earlier, AppMySite did not support custom posts and taxonomies created and managed with third-party plugins. The new...

Arabic and Persian added to the Language Support add-on

Arabic and Persian added to the Language Support add-on

AppMySite now supports Arabic and Persian through its Language Support add-on. You can now build apps on AppMySite for Arabic and Persian WordPress websites. Selecting either Arabic or Persian will enable your entire app to provide RTL support. The Language Support...