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How to create a dynamic app in two easy steps

If you wish to create an app for your WordPress or WooCommerce website, then you don’t need to spend large sums of money, effort and valuable on hiring designers and developers or on engaging an expensive app development company.

You can use AppMySite (AMS) online app creatorwhere you have to share your web and e-commerce keys, and let AppMySite create an app for you in a few days.

AMS requires you to undertake only two steps to create fully-functional native apps for iOS and Android, that will help you sell and grow.

AppMySite uses your web URL to create high-quality, well-tested apps, and it publishes the apps on relevant app stores for your customers to download and install.

Two steps to turn a website into an app with AppMySite

Here are the simple two things you need to do to create apps based on your website. This is not a DIY app website. AppMySite has an expert team of developers who create dynamic native apps for your website, in little time.

Step – 1. Buy an economical app plan with AppMySite

All you need to do is choose a plan with App My Site—Android, iOS or both—and get started. You can choose a monthly or yearly pack.

Plans offered by this platform are unmatched. They not only make quality app making accessible for all kinds and sizes of businesses, but also allow businesses to offer multiple apps to users with different product preferences.

Yearly packs offer higher value with discounts. Both monthly and yearly packs include creation, publishing and continuous maintenance of your apps for the subscription period. You can renew your subscription at the end of the chosen period.

Choose the quantity of apps you want developed for each platform and click on sign up. Value packs offered by AppMySite not only enable you to have one shopping app, but also offers you an opportunity to create different apps for different product verticals, so that customers are able to quickly find relevant products and complete orders. This helps you increase conversion rate on your apps and helps increase your revenue.

Post selection of a relevant plan, fill your billing details and proceed to pay for your order. You have to enter your email ID and password to create an AppMySite account. This account can be used to track the progress of your app development and its publishing status. You can renew your subscription through your AppMySite account in the future. You can even go back to alter your order to add or remove apps or platforms in the cart.

Once you have filled all the billing details, you can pay to complete your order. Secure payment options with AppMySite allow you to make transactions satisfactorily.

Step – 2. Share your web URL and e-commerce details

To enable AppMySite team to create an app for you within a few days, share your web URL and e-commerce store details through email.

By default, AppMySite team uses your business logo and banner images from the website to brand your app and its splash screen. However, you can even share app-specific logos and banners.

That’s it! Once you have undertaken the above two steps, AppMySite team works its streamlined development process to create a multi-layered, dynamic and efficient app for you.

How AppMySite Creates Your App

Once you have provided your details, AppMySite follows a three-step process to create and publish your app for your customers to download and install for use.

The delivery time of AMS is very short. You can have a shopping app for your website without wasting any time on going through a lengthy process of designing and developing an app.

Creation of app

With the help of web Url and e-commerce keys provided by you, AppyMySite team extracts required data from your web platform to create native apps for Android and iOS. The apps run in sync with your website or e-commerce platform.

The apps are created with your website or e-commerce store as their foundation. Appropriate changes are made to various elements of the apps to make them more efficient and fit to use on mobile devices.

Testing app

Once your apps are ready, AMS’ team tests them thoroughly to ensure that all their features work smoothly and give desired effects. Your apps work in sync with your web platform, hence you can manage content of the apps and web platform simultaneously.

Upon a thorough check by AMS’ quality-check team, they deliver to you a secure, dynamic and efficient native app. This ensures that your customers have a seamless shopping experience.

Publishing app

You receive the app for approval, upon which AppMySite publishes the app on relevant app stores. This helps you save the effort and cost of publishing and maintaining your app on app stores. AppMySite creates an optimized listing for your apps on app stores, so that your customers can easily find them online.

Once the apps are out there, your customers can easily download and install them to make purchases through your m-commerce platforms or consume content through your mobile content apps.

Features of apps created with AppMySite online app creator

The Android and iOS apps you create with this platform are efficient and high-quality, as they are developed and tested well to deliver satisfactory performance. Here are some features of apps you can create with AppMySite.

Native apps

Native apps are built for iOS and Android. Such apps use various features/services of your phone including contact book, touch-login, location service, health app data, mobile wallet, push notifications, etc. These features help you sell and market better.

Smart search and navigation

Apps built by AppMySite have smart search boxes, intelligent sort options and layered filters and navigation features. These enable customers to find product quickly and complete orders while they are in a favourable frame of mind.

Cart and checkout

AMS carts are built to offer options to continue shopping, review selected products and alter orders. The checkout process is seamless and hence enables quick processing of orders.


Your company logo and colours are used to create apps. Stylish splash screens are designed in sync with the theme of your web-based e-commerce platform, so that there is continuity in branding across all your selling and delivery platforms.

In-sync with website

Your native apps developed by AppMySite work perfectly in sync with your web platforms which serve as foundations of your apps. App menu and category filters are automatically generated as per the data available on your website. Therefore, as you update content and items on your web e-commerce platforms, your apps also automatically get updated.

Order history and logs

Customers can view recently viewed items, order history and payment log through apps, as per the data collected by your website.

At present, AppMySite offers conversion of websites into apps for WordPress and Woocommerce websites. It will soon offer app creation services for websites built with Magento, Joomla, and Opencart.

To make apps with the above mentioned winning features, you can use AppMySite services. You just need to undertake two easy steps and enable AppMySite team to create an app that helps you sell you more and grow.

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