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How to use AppMySite to create your shopping apps

Wondering how to create a shopping app?

If you have an e-commerce website on Woocommerce platform and wish to create a dynamic and flexible shopping app, then you can use AppMySite (AMS) to create your own customized shopping app that offers an intuitive shopping experience and is easy to manage for merchandisers and content managers.

AppMySite is a woocommerce mobile app builder that builds online store apps that enable shoppers to have personalised shopping experiences and that help increase business revenue.

To create a shopping app, all you have to do is register yourself with AppMySite, give access to your existing Woocommerce website, send your branding collateral and let AMS team create an automated mobile app for you that will be seamlessly integrated with your Woocommerce shopping website.

Here are the main functionalities of an AppMySite shopping app that will help you create value for your users and business, so that you can maximise customer engagement & satisfaction and your business revenue:

1. Easy Sign Up

Make sign up to your app a very simple process. Allow users to sign up through their Google or Facebook accounts. This enables you to get customers on-board without having to bother them about filling too many details that may scare them away. Minimal information is collected at the time of sign up. Other essential information can be collected from users at a later stage.

2. Create wishlist

Your shoppers can create wishlists of things they’d like to purchase in the future. This not only enables shoppers to curate products they like, but also lets businesses to learn about customer preferences. Businesses can easily create offers and motivational messages to encourage users to purchase things in their wishlists. You can also send messages to customers when they chosen products are on discount.

3. Mobile and other payment options

You can integrate payment options to allow shoppers to make payments through credit & debit cards, mobile wallets and other such options, so that your customers can complete purchases through their preferred mode while they are in a favourable frame of mind. You can even allow cash payment on delivery, if you wish to give users more flexibility. Integrate payment gateways that work for your business and customers.

4. Relevant filters and categories

Offer a seamless shopping experience to your shoppers by customizing filters and product categories to make your app easy to use. Through step-by-step and flexible iOS and android shopping app development with AppMySite, you can create shopping apps that are effective in maximizing your revenue. With intuitive filters, you can allow your shoppers to easily find what they are looking for.

5. Optimize product listing

Customize product names as per the keywords searched by users. You can also add apt media like pictures and videos to guide customers to make informed purchase decisons. You can add appropriate tags to products and organize products under suitable categories to enable users to find them easily. This helps enhance customer experience, which results in better conversion rates for your business.

6. Brand and customize shopping app

When using AppMySIte shopping app maker, you can easily change the colour of your app, design of the home page, filters, products, font size, etc. This helps you extend your brand image from your Woocommerce website to your shopping apps. You can customize the design of your splash screen and other design components, too. Businesses invest a lot in branding and it is essential to retain their brand presence throughout all selling platforms.

7. Push notifications

Create your own shopping app with AppMySite and send push notifications to users whenever a new discount offer or sale is launched. You can notify customer when their favourite products are on sale or in stock. You can even promote new products and seasonal discounts among users. Push notifications allow you to reach customers in a very cost-effective manner.

8. Cart functionality

Your users can easily add products they like to their cart and remove products they don’t want. From the cart, shoppers can continue shopping or review their chosen products, if they wish to. Discount coupons can also be applied by users while checking-out to complete their order. AppMySite online store app creator helps you develop a cart that is conducive to revenue maximization.

9. Quick creation of online shopping mobile application

Whether you are creating a fashion store app or other shopping apps, you can opt for native app builder to create mobile apps faster. Native apps also load quickly and are more efficient to use. They help you streamline your content management system, too. Therefore, native apps built with AMS help you conserve important resources like manpower, time and money.

10. Integration of shopping websites and apps

Turn website into app by using easy-to-use, step-by-step modules of AppMySite. It helps you to integrate your Woocommerce website and app in such a way that the changes you make to the filters, products, categories, etc. on the website are automatically reflected in your app. This saves you duplication of effort and helps create consistency across all selling platforms.

11. Avoid duplication of data

Woocommerce apps developed with AppMySite integrate the data of your mobile apps with your web app. This helps you collect all user data in one central database. This enables you to avoid data duplication and offers valuable insight into how users behave on different platforms while making purchases. A lot of additional valuable data can be collected through native apps.

The above functionalities rendered by apps developed with AMS platform help you widen your presence and engage shoppers more effectively. Such apps help you reach customers who are more likely to make purchases with you after downloading your shopping app, and they even help you market and up-sell products cost-effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, look beyond traditional shopping or fashion app developers and go for an easy way to create an app that is an extension of your existing web fashion store app.

AppMySite provides fashion and other businesses with app development solutions that are cost-effective, time-saving and efficient. Use AMS to create native apps that are based on your existing Woocommerce website. Utilize your existing resources, database architecture to widen your online presence.

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