Our mission at AppMySite is to help users create mobile apps that match their vision.  Every new update and feature we launch is directed towards helping users come closer to realizing their vision. 

We’ve recently updated our platform to enable users to white label their bundle IDs. 

Earlier, every app built on the platform contained the AppMySite name in its bundle ID. This was also reflected every time users shared the URL of their app store listing page. 

The new update now ensures that the bundle IDs contain the URL of the website to which the app is connected. This will help users ensure that their app effectively represents their brand. 

Here’s how you can get your own white-labelled bundle ID –

  • Complete the process of building your app. When you’re done, select Build App in the Download app section
  • This will essentially create a new build of your mobile app
  • The new build will contain the new white-labelled bundle ID named after your website
  • If you already have a live app, select Rebuild App in the Download App section. A new build will be created along with a white-labelled bundle ID. 
  • Upload the new build to the app store(s). Your app store listing URL will now reflect the new bundle ID. 

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