Our objective at AppMySite is to help our users provide the best possible app experience to their customers. Every new update we roll out comes with the same objective in mind.

We’ve recently enabled backorder support on all WooCommerce apps built on AppMySite. This will allow app users to place orders for products that are out-of-stock and available for backordering. 

Earlier, products which went out of stock were unpurchasable. Online shoppers don’t like seeing products labelled as out of stock. The new update now ensures app users can purchase items even when they go out of stock if they’re available.

The following points will explain how your app users can backorder out-of-stock products-

  • Enable the backorder option on the backend of your WooCommerce website. 
  • When your users come across an out-of-stock product, they will be able to order it without a hitch.
  • You can then fulfill the order when the product is back in stock.
  • Backorder support will be available on the specific products you’ve enabled backordering on

Check our latest release notes here to learn more about what’s new in our latest series of updates and rollouts.