Every app needs a feature boost every now and then. At AppMySite, we try to provide a feature-driven boost to our users regularly and help them introduce new features to their apps.

This effort drives us to keep introducing new add-ons as they give our users the ability to increase the functionality of their apps.

The new Consent form add-on is the latest in a long line of powerful feature-driven add-ons.

Not all apps are meant for everyone. It is possible that you may want to restrict your app to a certain segment of your users. The Consent form add-on provides our users with the option to make their app accessible to a select segment of their clientele.

The following points discuss everything you need to know about the add-on-

  • The Consent form add-on is now available on the AppMySite dashboard. Users have to make a one-time payment to buy the add-on.
  • Users can add a consent form to their app after buying the add-on.
  • The facility to create a consent form is available in the General section under App Settings.
  • Users have to write the content of the consent form. The content should essentially prompt users to confirm their eligibility to use the app.
  • The consent form will appear as a pop-up on the app after the launch screen finishes loading. App users will then have to confirm their eligibility to use the app.

Check our latest release notes here to learn more about what’s new in our latest series of updates and rollouts.