AppMySite continually seeks to offer powerful customization features to its users. The new blog category management features are a part of the same effort and are available for all apps using code version 1.3.2 and above.

The main goal behind the introduction of these features is to provide users with greater control over their dashboard. This includes options to hide & show certain blog categories and updating the overall visual appeal of the app.

The following points provide a more in-depth view of the new blog category section.

  • Column management – Enables users to update the number of columns they wish to distribute their categories within. Users can choose anywhere between one to four columns
  • Shape customization – Provides users the ability to customize the shape of their blog category tiles. Users can choose between round, solid, and circular blog category tiles
  • Background color – Users can choose the color of their blog category tile with this option. There are options here to add a hex code or enter RGB values when looking for a specific color shade
  • Text color – Users can choose the color of the text on their blog category tiles with this option. There are fields to add a hex code and RGB values as well.
  • Show Categories – Enables users to display the categories they wish to show on the app dashboard. The section offers three options:
    • Parent categories – To show all the parent categories from the website
    • Populated categories – To show only the categories that contain at least one blog post
    • Selected categories – To enable users to select the specific categories they wish to display on the app dashboard
  • Sort Categories – Provides users options to sort their blog categories based on alphabetical order or the number of posts in each category

Check our latest release notes here to learn more about what’s new in our latest series of updates and rollouts.