With a conscious effort to improve the system consistently, AppMySite launches the all new and optimized product category management that will be supported by all apps above 1.3.2 code version and above. This update is introduced to give our customers more control over their product categories.

Besides offering complete control of product categories, this feature will enable you to improve the aesthetics of this section on their app.

Let’s take a quick look at the new additions to this feature:

  • Column management: Update the number of columns that you would like to keep in your product categories. We now support keeping up to 4 columns in this section.
  • Display images: Import category images from your website. You can also pick and style categories with colors.
  • Name display: Click the toggle on and off to display the name under each category on the dashboard.
  • Shape enhancement: Customise the shapes of the category tiles with sharp square, round square, or circle.
  • Text color: Choose the color of the text if you decide to keep the “Show product category name” option on.
  • Show categories: This is an option within this feature that gives you control of your categories that we discussed above. You can now decide which categories your app users will see based on the following parameters:
    • Parent categories: This option will enable you to display the primary categories also called the parent categories from your WooCommerce website to your app.
    • Populated categories: This option will enable you to automatically populate categories with the highest number of products.
    • Selected categories: This option will enable you to choose the categories from your website that you would like to keep on your app.

  • Sort categories by: Decide how you want to display your categories. You can choose to display them in alphabetical order or keep the most popular ones on the top.

Check our latest release notes here to learn more about what’s new in our latest series of updates and rollouts.