Multisite Support add-on is live: Now deliver localized app experiences

Feb 24, 2021

AppMySite has launched its Multisite add-on that will now enable you to create a single mobile app for your WordPress multisite network.

A multisite allows you to build and manage a network of websites from one WordPress dashboard.

With this add-on, you can create unique apps for your multisite network and connect them all to publish a single app for your app users. Assign a country to every connected app and start making different apps for different countries available to your users.

The following points explain the working of the Multisite add-on in detail:

Finish building an app for every website in your multisite network.

  • Go to App Add-ons and purchase the Multisite support add-on. Get on a paid plan first to purchase the add-on.
  • Head to the Multisite section once you complete the purchase. Click on Add App to start connecting the apps you have built for the websites in your multisite network.
  • Assign a country for every app you add. You can add & remove apps and change countries from one place.
  • Download the Android and iOS builds from the same app you purchased the add-on with.
  • Your app users will be able to select a country within your app. Based on their selection, you can load a unique app and offer a truly localized experience.

All the apps you create for your Multisite network, can be connected by the owner of the mobile app. Click here to learn more about the add-on.

Multisite support is available for apps with code version 1.6.0 and above. You can also check out our release notes and announcement blog to learn more.