At AppMySite, we always strive to provide powerful customization features to our users. In keeping with the same goal, we’ve introduced new features to the web view section of the app dashboard.

The web view mode enables users to display a particular webpage on their app screen. It is a useful feature for users who wish to establish a level of coherence between their website and app.

The following points lay out the features of the web view section in great detail.

  • Web view toggle – The web view toggle enables users to activate the option to display a webpage on their app dashboard.
  • Page URL field – Users can enter the specific webpage they wish to display on their app dashboard here.
  • Header and Footer display toggle – Enabling this toggle enables users to show the header and footer section of their webpage in the web view mode. This is a new addition to the web view section and provides a greater degree of customizability.

Check our latest release notes here to learn more about what’s new in our latest series of updates and rollouts.