At AppMySite, we constantly strive to provide our users the best possible options to sell products on their WooCommerce apps. This is driven by our mission to enable our users to provide the foremost shopping experience to their customers. 

Previously, the apps you build on our platform were only capable of selling simple and variant products to the end users. Due to this, all the external products on your app were listed as unpurchasable. 

We’ve recently updated our platform that will enable you to sell your website’s external products from your mobile apps too. This update will allow you to successfully present and sell all external products on your app. 

The following points explain how users can sell external products on their app –

  • The app will now display all external products listed on your WooCommerce website
  • When your app users select Add to Cart or Buy now, a web view screen will appear
  • The web view screen will belong to the third-party website to which the product belongs
  • Users can proceed to purchase the product and complete their order

There is no need to select any option to activate this feature. All external products will be available for purchase on your app automatically. 

Check our latest release notes here to learn more about what’s new in our latest series of updates and rollouts.