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Pitching AppMySite vs. a DIY online app creator

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There is no dearth of DIY online app creator tools today. Many even claim to help you design and build an app ‘instantly’. For anyone looking to turn their website into an app, this can be an exciting proposition. However, it is important to understand exactly what you’re signing up for. Let’s take a look the differences between the mobile apps created by dedicated experts at AppMySite and those by DIY online app builders.

Native App vs. Hybrid App

The biggest and the most important difference between the two platforms is the type of end product delivered. AppMySite builds a native app for every website from scratch, whereas online app builders offer a disjointed hybrid app, at best. Even a simple search of the two terms will indicate that the former provides users a smooth, glitch-free, and immersive experience, as compared to the latter. Even an individual with no technical expertise can tell that creating something from the ground up is better than using a cookie-cutter approach.

Premium Responsive App vs. Generic Lag-Prone App

The difference is not restricted to the kind of app built. Apps created using AppMySite are seamless and extremely responsive, in addition to having a superior and premium aesthetic quality. The regular DIY online app creator simply give users an app built on a template with lag-prone functionalities. This is because most DIY platforms do not have effective and robust backend linking mechanisms and tools in place. Eventually, it boils down to the method of app development: AppMySite’s dedicated and methodical processes as compared to choosing an off-the-shelf template hurriedly.

Automated Processes vs. Cumbersome Drag and Drop Tools

While on the one hand AppMySite automatically generates dashboards, product categories, and menus from your existing e-commerce website; on the other hand, online app builders offer cumbersome and unresponsive drag and drop tools, which severely impede the process of creating a dynamic, multi-layered, and multi-feature app. In addition to saving your time and effort, AppMySite builds an app which is a natural extension of your existing website or e-commerce store, which is not the case with many online app builders.

In-Sync App vs. Static App

Since AppMySite builds mobile apps using CS/CK keys of your website, any change you make at the backend of your online store will be automatically reflected in the app. On the other hand, DIY app creators need to redesign their app manually in order to update their application and redesign it manually, every time the app needs to be updated. AppMySite has a clear advantage on this front, as it allows owners of websites and online stores to focus on their work, instead of taking care of frequent updates.

Experience and Expertise vs. Lack of Knowledge

For something as critical as designing and creating a mobile app for your business, you need the help and assistance of experienced app builders and experts. It unfair for any app developer to expect users to know the aesthetics, design, and layout of a robust mobile app and leave the entire process to them. Sure, DIY app creators do not require you to code your app, but they rob you of the opportunity to create an aesthetic, responsive, multi-layered, and dynamic app.

While giving users absolute control over how their apps will work might sound like a great idea – in reality, it brings down the functionality, design, and quality of the app. After all, you can’t expect everyone to produce a Picasso, simply because you have given them a blank canvas! DIY online app builders aren’t the best option for serious professionals, organizations, and businesses who wish to launch an exclusive and premium mobile application for their website. A mobile app is an extension of the brand identity today – make sure you choose an expertise and knowledge-driven online app creator, like AppMySite, for building the same.

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