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Should you go for an app builder that’s entirely online?

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If you’ve been considering building an app for your website, we hope you’ve gone through our blogs that answer some basic questions about the process. In this post, let us take a look at the challenges you will face if you opt for an app builder that is entirely online, or in other words, creates an app for you instantly online.

#1: Lack of designing knowledge

Even the most basic and simple mobile applications require intricate design strategy and thought process. Expecting a businessman, a store owner, or a blogger to be well-versed with the fundamental principles of design, elements, and positioning is unrealistic. Online app builders claim to give you complete freedom in designing your mobile application, but the said freedom will be of no use if you do not know how to make the best use of it!

#2: DIY tools

Using drag and drop tools to build an app sounds like a good idea until you actually start using the said tools. Imagine the website of an online store that has. say, 5 main categories, several sub-categories, and thousands of products therein. Does it sound feasible to create individual elements for all this information by adding them manually? To simplify the process, many app builders give offer pre-designed templates, which means that your app will be a look-alike of several others that already exist.

#3: Updating the app

Most free app building platforms do not allow updating and editing the contents of the app once it has been published on app stores. Even the platforms that support making changes to the app offer an impossibly small time window to do so. Even in the paid plans, you need to manually make any and every change that you need. However, with AppMySite, any changes you make at the backend of your website will you reflected automatically in the app. This is because all apps made with AppMySite are in complete synchronization with their website.

#4: App testing

A lot of free app builders that are online offer testing of the apps created through their platform; but, the thoroughness of the process is questionable. Generally, a preview is displayed and users are asked to check if the app is completed functional. However, if you are not an expert add developer, you aren’t very likely to test it comprehensively. Again, a team of dedicated app designers and developers at AppMySite test every app rigorously before delivering it. That way, you can be absolutely sure that your app is fully-functional, bug-free, and completely secure.

Just because an app builder’s online, it doesn’t automatically mean that you will get the best end-product. If you have absolutely no idea about how apps are designed and created, it can be a tempting option to sign up for an app builder online. However, there are dedicated app building platforms like AppMySite which offer the best of both worlds: aesthetic and native app, in-sync and fully-tested, delivered within a week, and at rock-bottom prices! Get in touch with AppMySite to know more about building an app for your website.

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