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Online app maker AppMySiteBusinesses started using mobile applications as an alternative platform of reaching out to their customers almost a decade ago. The popularity of apps has only been growing ever since and there are very less businesses that don’t have a dedicated app from their business. The reason is very simple, apps have really helped businesses to stay at top of their game and sustain in the tough competition by just being in touch with the customers.

The trends in the design and development of building an app changes with respect to the advancement in technology. Some e-commerce business apps mostly fail because they are unable to keep up the upcoming trends. App My Site is one of the most reliable online app maker that is helping businesses that have very little knowledge of developing an app, come up with the most respectful apps. Let’s find out in detail the reason that our apps stand out from other app makers:

1. Get advanced cart features

While we understand that most e-commerce apps have a cart where customers can add products but what most online app makers don’t offer is advanced cart features. If you are looking forward to getting an app built through us, there are many upgraded cart features which you may not find in ordinary app makers.

Your customers can add as many products as they want while shopping from your app without facing any trouble. You can promote your app by giving out coupons to your customers that they can apply these in their cart and redeem the discount.

Offer excellent user experience to your customers by letting them click on the product while it is in the cart and viewing the product without having to go back. Your customers can also save the products they like in their cart for as long as they want and buy it later on.

You can choose to add as many payment gateways as you like including international payment options, cash on delivery, wallets and credit/debit card payments.

2. Offer a customized profile screen

A great way of engaging your customer is offer a personalized experienced to the them. If your customers feel special, the possibility of them using your app on a regular basis increase. Your customers too can have a customized profile screen that they can edit in their profile by changing the profile picture through the camera or from the gallery.

You can also let your customers add and remove their billing and shipping addresses as per their convenience. The app can be connected to the customer’s social media accounts and google account which saves them from signing up on the app.

For the convenience of the customers, you can provide them with an order screen that will help them check the statuses of the orders they have places, which will include all order details.

3. Built native mobile applications

The best way to offer excellent user experience to your customers is to always go for a native app development because it is built from scratch and allows multiple customizations for the user to make. App My Site is an online app builder but still provides native app development unlike most app makers do.

Native apps are developed through core programming languages that makes them more efficient than any other apps. Not only is the development of these apps faster but the speed at which they operate on the user’s devices is much quicker, taking complete advantage of the device’s processor. This is also one of the major reasons that these apps load a lot more quickly than hybrid apps or web apps.

From the security point of view, apps that are built on technologies such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript are more likely to be vulnerable to performance and security issues. Native apps are more secure because they make use of solutions that are provided by the device management and can be controlled through any individual device, including erasing the app and its data completely.

The best feature of the apps that we built is that they can function even when there is no internet access, unlike web and hybrid apps. If you are going for a woocommerce app builder, your customers can view products, add them to the cart or add them to favorite list while they are travelling in a plane, in the train subways or anywhere they don’t want to use the internet.

Additionally, if you want your target audience to find you on the iTunes Store or Google Play Store, choosing native app development is the way to go. These apps have a much better ranking and better search result than any other apps, and this is the only reason why the first few apps in the search results are always native ones.

4. Make changes to your app

Whether you own a CMS app or an e-commerce app, you will always want to make changes to it, to keep up with the trends and add/remove products. For instance: if you own a blogging app, it is obvious that you will want to keep adding blogs, their respective pictures and links, that is much easier with an app that App My Site provides.

Keeping the user interface in mind, you can go about making changes to theme colors of your app that will be reflected on all the pages. This will ensure that your app is visible to your customers in the most professional and symmetrical manner. Additionally, you can also make changes to the homepage as per your requirement to enhance the user experience.

If you’re looking for a dynamic WooCommerce app that lets your customers seamlessly shop from your store, then there is all the more reason for building an app through us. Your users can apply filters to change category of style type, colors, sizes, price ranges and more. Also, the dedicated app for your e-commerce business can run unlimited number of stores within an app and have multiple currencies. You can yourself add/remove products based on the trends and inventory storage.

Mobile applications have succeeded in altering the way businesses interact with their customers regularly. A lot of businesses are running successfully only on an app-based model and doing wonderfully by simply being connected to the customers. The world today demands businesses to be more engaging and powerful that is possible if you go with building a native app. If you are looking to build an app that is appealing to not just you but also to your customers, get in touch with us today.

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