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The world is racing towards an app-first model, and m-Commerce is pegged to take over e-Commerce.

Check out our demo mobile apps for a first-hand experience.


Check out our demo mobile apps for a first-hand experience.


Sneak peek of the mobile app

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App icon & splash screen

Right from their very first interaction, your customers engage with your brand.

Add a personal touch to the app icon & splash screen that reflects your brand & instantly connects with customers.

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One step registration & sign-in

One-step registration & sign-in allows customers to get started right away. Registered users can directly sign in to their accounts.

New customers can use the app as guests, without registering or signing in.

Social media integration

Customers can register with their existing Google & Facebook accounts. This allows instant access to registered users.

Registration and sign in is further simplified. The user profiles are in sync with their social media accounts.

Reset Account Password

In the event users forget their account password, change device, or have any other issues logging in, they can choose ‘Reset Password’ to update their account password.

This enhances safety & security and protects customer information from being misused.

Dynamic dashboard

The app has a dynamically populated dashboard that mimics your website. Banners, products, menus, categories, and blogs from your website automatically sync with the app.

This helps you manage the content effortlessly, while your customers enjoy a consistent user experience across different devices and platforms.

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Automated product menu & categories

The mobile app displays the menu, categories, and subcategories from your website. The product information will also mirror your existing website.

Any modifications made to your website automatically populates in the mobile app.

Intelligent product filtering & sorting

Help your customers achieve their shopping goals with intelligent sorting and filtering. Products can be sorted by their brand, name, popularity, price, and newest arrivals.

This helps customers to narrow down their product search and view the products that they are interested in.

Product information

All product information like features, price, images, size, availability, customer reviews and additional information is dynamically displayed on the product screen.

All details are displayed in a manner consistent with your website in order to maintain a holistic user experience for your users.

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Integrated cart & checkout

‘My Cart’ maintains the record of all products added by your customers. Products added to the cart are displayed at checkout & can be modified any time before payment.

A simple and easy checkout process helps customers verify their order before placing it.

Multiple payment gateway integration

Integrate your preferred payment gateways with your app & secure customer transactions.

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Order details & history

‘My Orders’ section allows customers to access their order details like transaction ID, price, date, payments, and delivery status.

In addition to checking the status of pending orders, customers can also view the details of their order history.

Account & profile settings

Customers can easily view and update information including contact details, profile image, shipping, and billing address in the ‘My Profile’ section of the app.

These updates instantly reflect on their profile in the mobile application.

Additional CMS page integration

Integrate additional pages in your app, like about us, business journey and contact details.

Engage your customers with other unique content like blogs, images and videos. By adding custom pages on your mobile app, you can effortlessly run marketing campaigns as well.

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