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Why do I need an app for my e-commerce store?

Shoppers are increasingly using their mobile phones to shop online and very soon, the number of mobile shoppers is pegged to take over desktop shoppers. In order to be future-ready for m-commerce, any and every online business needs a smooth, responsive, and dynamic mobile application.

How do I develop a mobile app for my online store?

Developing a quality native mobile application isn’t a DIY task. You either need expertise and experience in app designing and development, or expert and experienced application developers for the same.

How long does it take to build an app for a website?

If you hire an application developer, he/she will require several weeks, or even months, to design, develop, and test a fully-functional, depending on the numbers of features. However, App My Site delivers a premium, native, dynamic, and full-functional app within a week.

Creating a Mobile App with App My Site

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What all information does App My Site need in order to create the mobile app?

All you need to provide is the url (www.yourstorename.domain) of your e-commerce store and the CS/CK keys (Account-Specific keys) of the same.

What are account specific keys?

In order to extract the account specific keys of your online store, watch this demo.

How will App My Sire source the app icon and the banner image for the mobile app?

Unless provided by you separately, your business logo will be used as the app icon and the banner image on your website will be used in the app.

What size of images should I provide?

Images are automatically adjusted to fit the default size. However, if you are separately providing App My Site with images, please follow the size specifications below:

  • App Icon: 1024X1024 pixels
  • Splash Screen: 2048X2048 pixels

How much does App My Site cost?

Please view the App My Site Pricing Plans. Please note that App My Site offers a discount for yearly plans.

Cancellation and Refund

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Will I get a refund if I do not like the app created by App My Site and wish to cancel my subscription plan?

Although we are certain that you won’t find any faults with the app that we create, on the off-chance that you do, App My Site will not entertain any requests for a refund. You may choose to cancel your subscription anytime, but there will be no refunds in the event you do.

How do I discontinue my app and remove it from app stores?

If you wish to discontinue your app(s), please get in touch with App My Site and place a request for the same. App My Site will request the removal of your app from app stores.

How long will it take to remove my app?

Depending on the app store, it might take anything between 1-5 working days to remove your app from the store. However, since the process is outside the control of App My Site, it may vary from case-to-case basis.

Will I get a refund in case I choose to discontinue the services of App My Site in the middle of a billing cycle?

In case your cancellation request is placed in the middle of a billing cycle, any advance payment made (for that month or year) will not be refunded.

About App My Site

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How is App My Site different from other online app builders?

While most online app builders offer you DIY tools and features to make your own hybrid app, App My Site brings in technical expertise and experience to build you a native app from the ground up. Apps created with App My Site are not only designed better, but have better functionality, responsiveness, and security.

What platforms does App My Site create an application for?

Currently, online stores and websites using WordPress and WooCommerce can use App My Site to create mobile apps for their stores. We will very soon expand this offering to websites using Magento, Joomla!, and Opencart as well.

What kind of apps does App My Site create?

App My Site creates native, responsive, and fully-functional mobile applications for Google Play Store (Android) and iTunes Store (iOS).

Who can create a mobile app with App My Site?

Any individual over the age of 13 years who wishes to create a mobile app for their website is eligible to use the services of App My Site.

Publishing the App

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How will I publish the app on Google Play Store and/or iTunes Store?

Your app will be published by the App My Site Developer Account on Google Play Store and/or iTunes Store.

Do I need Apple and/or Google Developer Accounts?

Yes, you do need to own or operate Apple and/or Google Developer Accounts to publish apps for your website.

How long will it take for the app to be published on app stores once it has been submitted?

Normally, apps are published within a week from submission. However, since the process is outside the control of App My Site, it may vary from case-to-case basis.

Who will have the ownership of the app that has been created by App My Site?

App My Site will have the ownership rights to all the apps that are created using its services. However, App My Site will not have any rights over the content and information present in the app; users will continue to own the same.



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Are 3rd party payment gateways reflected in the app?

All functional and active payment gateways on your e-commerce store will automatically be reflected in the mobile app.

How much does a Google/Apple Developer Account cost annually?

Membership of the Apple Developer Program costs USD 99 per year and a Google Play Developer Account costs USD 25 (one-time).  However, you do not need to have developer accounts on either of the platforms, as App My Site will submit the applications for publication from its own accounts.

How do I make changes to my app?

Any changes made to the backend of your e-commerce store will be automatically reflected in the mobile app.

Web Platforms We Support

App My Site is an advanced mobile app builder for websites based on a variety of web platforms.

We have solutions for all leading website CMS and e-commerce platforms.

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