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Already have a live Android app?

Already have a live app Android

Do you already have an app on Google Play Store? You can easily create a new app with AppMySite and publish it under the same app listing. The app you build with AppMySite will replace your existing app on the Google Play Store. This means your app users can simply update their apps from the App Store to see the new app that you build with AppMySite. 

Once you design your app and connect it to your website, navigate to  in your AppMySite account and follow the steps below. You can also watch the video tutorial for a complete guide:

  1. Keystore Alias
  2. KeyStore Private Key Password 
  3. KeyStore Password 
  4. Keystore File 
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Once your new build is live, users will be able to see your new app once they update it on their Android devices. 

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