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Invite users to collaborate

User invite

You can now collaborate with your team to build your mobile app with AppMySite. Invite your team members and grant access to them to your mobile app.

Here is a quick guide to inviting users to your app account.

An email invite will be sent to the user. The user will be able to view your app and access different modules based on the role you assign. 


You can assign specific roles to your team members. You can choose from the following roles.

Access levels

Each role comes with a defined level of access to the app account. Select the role based on the access level that you wish to grant to your team members.

Access levelUserManagerAdmin
App Settings
App Preview
Download App
App Addons
Billing & Payments
Delete App

Team members

You can add new users only on a premium subscription.

Each subscription plan comes with a pre-defined number of users that you can invite to work on the app. These are listed below.

Check out the pricing page for more details.
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