Apple App Store guidelines and size requirements for app screenshot designs

Let us go through the major requirements and best practices of creating app screenshots while submitting an iOS app on the Apple App Store.

Size Requirements

The Apple App Store has specified exact screenshot sizes for its different devices. Here are the mandatory size requirements for submitting app screenshots for the iOS app.

Device sizePortrait Screenshot SizeLandscape Screenshot Size
6.5 inch1242 x 2688 pixels2688 x 1242 pixels
5.5 inch 1242 x 2208 pixels2208 x 1242 pixels

Apple App Store Screenshot Guidelines

The guidelines from the App Store are pretty straightforward and simple to follow.

  • You can upload up to a maximum of 10 screenshot designs.
  • You must use images and videos from the app itself.

Best Practices and Sample Designs

Here are some of the guidelines that you can adopt for better conversions and performance of the app listing.

  • Use professional designs.
    • While you can simply take the screenshots from your app and upload but most successful apps have customized and attractive designs.
  • Write short copies in large fonts.
  • Highlight app features.
  • Add the best user reviews and ratings.
  • Add an explainer video.
  • Utilize all 10 slots for screenshots to showcase all features.