The main banner is displayed on the header of your home screen. Designing the main banner can be categorized into two steps: creating the banner image and adding the banner text. 

Banner image

You have the option of designing your banner using an image or simply filling it with a solid color. Both of these options are discussed below.

Select or Upload Banner Image

Follow the steps below to select an image from the image library or upload a banner image:

  • Click on the field under Select Image Banner.
  • Enter a search term relevant to your design.
  • Click on the image you like when you find it and select DONE.
  • You can alternatively upload a banner image from your device.
  • Click on the Upload Image button at the top right corner of the image library.
  • Click on the window screen to upload an image from your device. You can also drag and drop the image.
  • Click DONE to save your image and proceed.

Make sure the image file meets the required specifications.

  • File format: PNG, JPG
  • File size: 1125 x 480 px

Select Solid Color

Follow these steps to fill the banner with a solid color:

  • Open the color panel under Select Solid Color.
  • Select a color for the banner. 
  • You can also enter a hex code or RGB values to choose a color for your banner.

Banner text

The banner text appears on the banner. Here’s how you can add text to your banner and customize its appearance & alignment. 

  • Banner Text: Click on the Banner Text field and enter your message. The character limit is 15. 
  • Font: Select a font from the drop-down menu.
  • Font size: Select the size of your font from the dropdown menu. 
  • Color: Pick a color for your banner text. You can also enter a hex code or RGB values to choose a color for your banner text: 
  • Align: Click on the buttons under Align to set your text on the left, center, or right of the banner.

Click SAVE to save design settings for the Main Banner section.