Designing the product categories section

This section will talk about designing the product categories for your app home screen.


Click to open the drop-down menu. Select the number of columns you’d like to distribute the product categories within.

Categories with Image

Selecting this will import the relevant category images from your online store.

The category images are imported from the category images set on the website. Therefore, make sure that you set images for all product categories on your website.

Categories with Color

Select this to style and customize product categories with attractive solid colors.


Select the shape in which you’d prefer to display the product categories. You can choose between sharp, round, and circle as shapes for your category tiles.

Text color

Select the color for the category names.

Show categories

Select the exact product categories that you’d like to showcase on the app home screen. The display options in the drop-down menu include:

Parent categories

This will populate the parent product categories from your website.

Populated categories

This will populate the product categories from your website which have the highest number of products in them.

Selected categories

Select this option and click on Select categories to manually hand-pick the product categories that you would like to populate on the app dashboard.

Sort categories by

Select the way you’d like to sort the categories on the home screen. You can sort the product categories in alphabetical order or the number of products in each category.