How to set up AdMob in your Android app

AppMySite makes it very easy for you to earn money by simply displaying Google AdMob ads on your mobile app. 

The following steps explain how the process works:

How to display Google AdMob ads on your Android app?

The following steps explain how to display AdMob ads on your Android app:

  • Login to your AppMySite account and go to App Monetization. 
  • First, you will have to login to your Google AdMob account. Select the Google AdMob button in the top right corner on the App Monetization screen. You will be redirected to the AdMob sign-in page. 
  • If you don’t have an AdMob account, follow the steps below to create one:
    • Visit the Google AdMob page and click on Signup. 
    • While signing up, enter details such as your country, time zone, and billing currency. Agree to the terms and conditions in order to proceed. 
    • You will be directed to the Google AdMob dashboard. Click on Get Started.
    • You’ll be directed to a new page where you can select your app platform. Choose Android.
    • You also have to specify if your app is already live on an app store. 
  • If you already have a live app, enter your app name and hit Search. Choose your app from the search results and select Continue. 
  • AdMob will now show your app name and package name (Bundle Identifier). You can check the User Metrics box if you wish to receive analytic reports from AdMob. Select Add App when you are done. 
  • You will now be directed to the What to do next screen. Select Done.
  • Return to App Monetization in your AppMySite account. You will find two separate sections for Android and iOS. 
  • Select Android. To publish an ad, select a specific app screen. You will now be asked to enter the Ad unit ID, Ad Position, Ad Type, and Ad Size. Get your Ad Unit ID from your AdMob account. The following steps explain how you can generate an Ad Unit ID:
  • Go to Apps on your AdMob account and select Ad units.
  • Click on Get Started.
  • You will next be asked to select your ad format. Select Banner

  • Enter a name for your ad unit and select Create ad unit
  • Next, you will find two new codes: the App ID and your Ad Unit ID. Copy both and select Done. 
  • Paste the new Ad Unit ID in your AppMySite account in the Ad Unit ID field. Also specify the ad position, type, and size. 
  • Similarly generate Ad Unit IDs for other screens on your app. Hit Save when you are done. 
  • When you are done creating ads for every screen, go to Download app
  • Select Build app under Android (select Rebuild app in case you already have a live app on Google Play), you will find a toggle next to Enable App Monetization. Turn it on. 
  • You will be asked to enter your AdMob App ID. Paste the App ID and select done. 
  • Once your Android build is generated, submit it to Google Play.