How to send Push Notifications to your app users on AppMySite

AppMySite customers can send push notifications to their users to endorse deals, offers, updates, and more. In this section, we will discuss how you can set up, schedule and send push notifications to your app users.

Follow the steps listed below to create a new push notification:

  • Go to your AppMySite account and open Push Notifications.
  • Click on the +CREATE NEW button at the top right corner to open the New Push Notification screen.
  • Click on the Notification Title field and enter a title for your message (Maximum word limit: 200).
  • Click on the Message field and enter your detailed message  (Maximum word limit: 1024).
  • Next, select your recipients based on their device type: Android only or iOS only or Both Android & iOS.
  • If you want to send the message to your users right away, click on Send. Review the message on the prompt and hit the Send button.
  • However, if you want to schedule the message to be sent at a later time, turn the Schedule Notification toggle on.
  • On the pop up, enter the date for publishing in the dd/mm/yyyy format.
  • Just next to the date, enter the time in hh:mm format and select AM or PM. If you want to change your entry, you can click on the X or cross icon to clear old and re-enter new data.
  • Next, click on Save as draft if you want to edit the message later. Else, hit the Send button to schedule it.
You can only schedule a push notification to be sent within 7 days. Ensure that the date or time you enter for publishing, does not extend the period of 7 days from the time you are scheduling it.

Next, you will be taken to the Push Notifications screen where you can view all your push notifications. You can also view them based on the following categories:

  • Upcoming: The scheduled notifications
  • Sent: The notifications that have already been published
  • Draft: The unpublished notifications 

Edit a notification: Click on the Edit icon next to a notification title to make changes to the notifications that are scheduled or in draft.

Delete a notification: Click on the X icon to delete a notification permanently. 

Create a new notification: Click on +CREATE NEW to create new notifications for your users anytime. You can also monitor every update in real time on the preview screen (mobile screen emulator).Note: To unlock this feature, you will need to enable the push notification toggle while creating a build for your Android &/or iOS app. You can go through our guides and learn how to enable push notifications for Android and iOS