How to test your iOS app on a real mobile device? | iOS TestFlight

Follow these steps to test your iOS app on an iPhone.

Add a new user

You will need to assign the access of TestFlight to a new user for testing. Follow the steps below to add a new user to your account on the App Store Connect.

  • Login to your account on App Store Connect.
  • Click to open the TestFlight tab.
  • Click on App Store Connect Users on the left menu panel.
  • Click on the + button next to Testers.
  • In the popup, click on Users and Roles in the subheading.

You are now in the Users and Access section.

  • Click on the + button under the People tab.

You will be presented with a form to add a New User.

  • Enter the following details to add a new user-
    • New User: Enter the name & email address of the new user
    • Roles: Assign a relevant role to the user
    • Apps: Select the app that you want this user to test
    • Developer Resources: Select the checkbox if you would like to grant this user access to certificates, identifiers, and profiles.
  • Finally, click on Invite. An invitation email will be sent to the user’s email address.

Accept user invitation

  • The added user will now receive an invitation
  • The invited user has to now click on Accept invitation in the email to proceed.
  • The invited user will have to sign in to the Apple Developer Program to accept the invitation.

Invite the user to TestFlight

You can now allow the new user to test the app on TestFlight.

  • Once the invitation is accepted, you will be able to see the new user ID on Add App Store Connect Users.
  • Select the added user and click on Add. This will trigger another email to this user.
  • The user will then have to open the email and click on View in TestFlight.
  • The user will be navigated to another webpage with instructions to test the app on TestFlight.
  • Click on TestFlight from the App Store to download the TestFlight

The invited user can now install and launch the app. To start testing, enter the unique code presented earlier.