How to troubleshoot connectivity issues?

The Troubleshooting section helps chalk out reasons for connectivity errors between your website and your app. Read to find out more about this feature.

Connection error

Connection error occurs when you are unable to connect your website and your app, due to several factors.

There are multiple factors that can individually or collectively contribute to a connection error. These factors are listed as follows.

  • WooCommerce REST API keys have not been generated with the Read and Write access.
  • The keys have not been filled correctly in their respective fields.
  • CS & CK do not belong to an Administrator user.
  • Your website does not have a valid SSL certificate.
  • Permalink is not set to Post Name.
  • Your web hosting environment is blocking HTTP Authentication.
  • Your web hosting environment does not support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
  • Your WooCommerce REST APIs are affected by a third-party plugin or a security configuration.
  • Your website’s “.htaccess” must be optimized for WordPress.


The Troubleshooting section helps you identify and iron-out the aforementioned issues. Here is how you need to proceed.

  • Click Run Troubleshooter on the top right corner of the Troubleshooting section
  • The Troubleshooter will automatically check for any errors in the connectivity.
  • Once troubleshooting is complete, you will know the reason you’re facing a connection problem.

The troubleshooting API will pass all tests in case there are no errors.

How to improve app speed

The WordPress Web Hosting enables you to supercharge your app speed by migrating your website to WP Engine, a powerful web host.

You can get a link to the add-on from the Troubleshooting section. If your website is facing performance issues, you can easily access the link to the Web Hosting add-on from the Troubleshooting section.

Alternatively, you can get WP Engine from the Performance section as well. Go to Web Hosting under Performance in your AppMySite account click on Get WP Engine.