How to validate WooCommerce ownership?

Validating WooCommerce ownership enables you to populate your mobile app with products and categories from your website.

Connecting the website with the mobile app is a mandatory step before publishing the app on prominent app stores.

This process is segmented into two major sections, syncing the WooCommerce API and installing the AppMySite WP Plugin. Let us explore both these sections in detail.

WooCommerce REST API Details

This step is required for WooCommerce websites only.

This step will enable you to enter your WooCommerce REST API keys in the API Details sections.

  • Log-in to the backend of your WordPress website
  • Click on WooCommerce and open Settings.
  • Select the Advanced tab in the WooCommerce settings
  • Click on REST API. You will have to select the Add key button and fill out the following details
    • Description: Enter a friendly name for easy identification
    • User: Select the administrator of the website
    • Permission: Select Read/Write from the drop-down menu
  • You will find the generated REST API keys
Click here for a detailed step-by-step guide to generating the WooCoomerce REST API keys

Enter API Keys

This section will guide you through the process of entering the REST API keys in the API Details section.

WooCommerce Consumer Key

Copy and paste the generated Consumer Key in this field.

WooCommerce Consumer Secret

Copy and paste the generated Consumer Secret in this field.

Connection error

If you are facing a connection error after entering the API keys, it is important that the following pre-requisites are met:

  • CS & CK must belong to an Administrator user.
  • CS & CK must have both read & write permissions.
  • Your website must have a valid SSL certificate.
  • Permalink must be set to Post Name.
Here CS and CK stand for Consumer Secret and Consumer Key respectively.

Troubleshoot Connectivity

If you can’t pinpoint the reason for the connection error, you can directly troubleshoot the connection.

All you need to do is select Run Troubleshooter on the top right corner of the screen in the Troubleshooting section. The troubleshooter will automatically diagnose the reason for the connection error.

Force authentication as query string

This is a solution to validate WooCommerce ownership in case the HTTP Authorisation Enabled test fails in the connectivity troubleshooter.
Follow the steps below to implement this solution.

  • Turn on the Force Authentication as Query String toggle below the REST API fields in the API Details section.
  • Enter the REST API keys and select Submit.

Your website will start syncing with the mobile app upon the correct submission of the REST API details. A pop-window will confirm the successful connection between the website and the mobile app.

Get support

You can always get in touch with us if the connectivity problem persists. Clicking the (?) icon on the top right and selecting the “Email Support” option. Our support team will get back to you in a short period of time.