Meeting Apple Privacy Policy Guidelines

Apple has recently rolled out a new privacy initiative in its iOS 14 update that requires customer permission to track user data across applications owned by different companies. Users will be able to access this option at any time in their device settings.

This means that you can follow a few steps to resolve this issue: 

1. Login to your App Store Connect account 

2. Under the General section in the side menu, Click on App Privacy. Click on the small button “Edit” that you will notice under Data Type. Scroll down and select Device ID 

3. Click on “Set up Email Addresses” 

4. A pop up screen will appear. Select “App functionality” and click “Next”

5. Select “Yes, email addresser collected from this app are linked to the user’s identity” and click “Next” 

6. Select “No, we do not use email addresses for tracking purposes”and click “Publish”.