A Push Notification Certificate allows sending notifications to your iOS users. The following steps will explain the process of creating a Push Notification Certificate.

  • Log in to your Apple developer account.
  • Click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.
  • This will lead you to the Certificates section. Click on the + button next to Certificates to create a new certificate.
  • You’ll now be redirected to the Create New Certificate section.
  • Select the Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production) under the Services section.
  • Click on Continue in the top right to proceed.
  • Select the App ID that you created earlier for your app from the options available in the dropdown.
  • Click Continue to proceed.
  • Click on Choose File and upload the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) you previously generated for your app.
  • Click on Continue to create your certificate.
  • Now that your certificate is generated, click on the Download. Your certificate will be downloaded.
  • Right-click the downloaded certificate and export it to your system.
  • Give your certificate a unique name and make sure the file format is .p12 (Personal Information Exchange).
  • Click on the Save button to save the certificate on your system.
  • While saving your certificate file, you’ll be prompted to add a password to it. Keep this field empty and DO NOT set a password to this certificate.
  • You’ve now successfully created the Push Notification Certificate.
  • This certificate will be uploaded in your Google Firebase console account.

Follow our complete guide for next steps to configure push notification for your iOS app build here.