Section Visibility

You can choose the sections you wish to see on your home screen. To display a section on the home screen, turn on the toggle button in the section tab. To hide a section, turn the toggle button on the section tab off.

Rearranging the Sections

You can rearrange all the aforementioned sections of your app. Follow the steps discussed below.

  • Hold the anchor button on the left of each section tab and drag.
  • Place the section wherever you want.
  • Keep experimenting until you reach an arrangement that is relevant to users and aesthetically optimal.
  • Click on SAVE at the bottom-right.

Rename section-header

Customizing headers on the home screen helps you personalize your app for your users. On AppMySite, you can rename the headers on your home screen within minutes.

The following steps explain the process:

  • There is an edit icon next to every section header. Click on the icon.
  • Enter the new header name.
  • You can preview the new header on the live screen to the right.

Finally, preview the changes on the live mobile app emulator to the right. Click on SAVE and proceed to the next step.