WordPress Web Hosting

The speed of your app is directly dependent on the response time of your website. In other words, the performance of your website impacts the app directly. 

For fast and reliable website hosting, we recommend the WordPress web hosting add-on

The add-on essentially allows you to migrate your website to either WP Engine or SiteGround, two of the most powerful managed WordPress hosts in the world. The process of migrating your website to either WP Engine or Siteground will begin once you subscribe to the add-on. 

Here are some benefits you stand to gain from the WordPress web hosting add-on:

  • Managed WordPress hosting: Manage your WordPress and WooCommerce websites with minimal effort. 
  • Google Cloud: Get powerful and technically superior hosting services from Google Cloud, the world’s fastest and most well-connected network. 
  • Security: Get a free pre-installed SSL certificate, an AI-powered anti bot security system, and a custom WAF to secure your website inside out. 
  • CDN and caching: Deliver fast website speeds anywhere in the world. Also leverage caching to cut down page load times.