My app is too slow. What should I do?

The data on your app is directly populated from your website’s database. If you are experiencing slow speed on your mobile app, it is due to the response time of your database. Our plugin does not add to the response time of your website and does not store any of your data.

If your website loads fast in a browser, it doesn’t exactly mean that your app will be fast as well. AppMySite uses official REST APIs to auto-populate your app with content delivered directly from your WordPress database.  

Your app speed is determined by the response time of your database. Here are a few factors that may be slowing it down:

  • Lack of image optimization on your website. Images take longer to load and slow down the response time of your website’s database. 
  • The location of your server. We suggest using CDNs to ensure your website loads fast anywhere in the world. 
  • The number of plugins on your website. Too many plugins can slow down the response time of your website, especially if they make too many requests to your WordPress database. 
  • The reliability of your website host. We suggest you invest in a reliable hosting partner that can guarantee a certain level of database response time. You can visit the Performance module in your AppMySite account for more guidance on this. 

To get more information on this, try running the troubleshooter in the Connectivity module. If the response times of the tests are unusually high, you may need to take steps to optimize your website’s response time. 

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