Release Notes 02.08.2022


New Android Code version release

Code Version 1.16.9 has been released for Android.

New iOS Code version release

Code Version 1.16.8 has been released for iOS.


New app menu creator

Create a customized side menu for your mobile app from scratch. Add items, select icons, and choose item types to set a destination for each button. The items you add can navigate to the following screens:

  • Home: Opens the home screen of your app.
  • Post categories: Opens the Post categories selection screen.
  • Post search: Opens the Post search screen.
  • Settings: Opens app settings.
  • Pages: Opens a selection screen that contains all the Pages you’ve selected for your Home screen.
  • Posts and taxonomies: A broad category which contains all the custom post types and taxonomies active on your website. This button will open the custom post type of taxonomy you select.


Android app design updated

We’ve released new designs for the following screens of the Android app:

  • My Account after login
  • Shipping & billing address screens
  • My Profile screen
  • Settings screen
  • Change Password screen
  • My account guest screen
  • Portal forgot password screen
  • Payment options screen
  • My address screen


iOS app design updated

We’ve released new designs for the following screens of the iOS app:

  • Order details screen
  • Webview screen


WooCommerce shipping tax settings synced with iOS app

Your WooCommerce store’s shipping tax settings will be synced automatically with your iOS app. Your app customers will see taxes as they appear on your website’s shipping page.

Revamped app dashboard on portal

The new app dashboard gives you a complete overview of all the information you need about your app. Navigate to any screen of your AppMySite account, view active team members, app traffic, and other important information related to your app.

Invite users to manage your workspaces

Invite users to your workspaces and assign them roles to manage their access. You can choose from three roles – administrators, managers, and users.

Redesigned pages for web portal

We’ve redesigned the following screens on our web portal:

  • Sign in screen
  • Sign up screen
  • Forgot password screen
  • Reset password screen
  • Get started screen
  • Create new app screen



Invitation emails now working when a user is invited

When you invite a user to work on your app on AppMySite, an invitation email will be sent to the user. Previously, the invitation email was not being delivered.

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