Release Notes 05.07.2022

Introducing Workspaces

A whole new way of managing your apps is now live. You can now separate your apps into distinct workspaces, so different projects can have their own place away from your personal account. Some features that Workspaces provide are:

  • Invite people to collaborate with all of the apps created in a Workspace.
  • You can have separate plans for each Workspace.
  • Switch between your Workspaces seamlessly.
  • App subscriptions can still be managed individually on the “Personal Account” (the default Workspace).
  • An unlimited number of apps can be created under a single workspace.


New Unlimited Workspace plans

Purchase a plan that upgrades all of the apps that you create within a workspace to easily manage payments with one subscription.

New Website to App plans

AppMySite has introduced new ‘Website to App’ plans. These plans are available for all website owners looking to create a mobile app on AppMySite.

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