Release Notes 06.11.2020


New iOS code version release
Code Version 1.4.0 has been released for iOS

New Android Code version release
Code Version 1.4.0 has been released for Android.

Support for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Plugin
AppMySite now supports the use of the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin. To use this plugin you can download it from the WooCommerce website. It features three sets of fields you can edit:

  • Billing
  • Shipping
  • Additional*

*The Additional section appears after the billing and shipping fields next to order notes. In each of these fields you can add 9 different types of columns to these fields.
Android, iOS


App connectivity user-interface for troubleshooting updated
A new appearance of the troubleshoot connectivity feature is now live.


Price shown as “fdsds” for Recently Viewed Products
The prices of the “Recently Viewed Products” in the dashboard were appearing incorrectly as “fdsds” instead of the actual price. This bus has now been fixed.

Variant not selected for Recently Viewed Products
Any product seen in the “Recently Viewed Products” section was not being updated. After viewing a product and selecting a variant for it, if the app users closed the product page, they would not see the same variant they selected earlier while visiting the “Recently Viewed Products” again.

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