Release Notes 08.10.2020


New iOS code version release
Code Version 1.3.2 has been released for iOS.

New Android code version release
Code Version 1.3.2 has been released for Android.

Option to hide product category names
You can now choose to show or hide product category names on the app dashboard. This is now the recommended option for users who have category descriptors within the category images.
Android, iOS, Web

iPad support added
A new toggle has been introduced that allows you to enable iPad support if your previously published iOS app supported iPad devices.
iOS, Web


WebView performance enhancement
All web views within the app have now been optimised for performance and speed.
iOS, Web

Mobile site menu redesigned
The look and feel of the navigation menu on the mobile site has been revamped to make navigating easier on the go.

Background color of products listing page
The background of the product listing page is now white to contrast it better against the product cards.

Cart button color
The cart icon on the WordPress mobile app is now white to contrast it better against the background.


WooCommerce coupon support extended
Support for WooCommerce coupon codes has now been extended to support whistling of email addresses so only allocated customers can avail them.
Android, iOS

Sticky menus fixed within the dashboard web view
We’ve fixed an issue within the web view that made sticky menus only appear at the bottom of the app dashboard. They now appear as expected.
Android, iOS

Conditional category products loading issue fixed
We’ve fixed a bug which caused certain categories to appear empty when opened.
Android, iOS

Fixed empty category names on the app dashboard
An issue that caused some category names to now appear has been resolved.

Out of stock UI effect fixed
An issue that caused the product details page to load abruptly, for out of stock products, has now been smoothened.

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