Release Notes 11.11.20


Logs for connectivity troubleshooting added
Now you can keep accurate tabs for the connectivity between your app with your website.

Added link for WooCommerce Website Hosting addon to troubleshooting
Your app’s performance is directly linked to the speed of your website, if the website is slow to load then the app will also be slow. Switching to our website hosting will boost the speed of your website, and in turn your app’s, so that you can deliver the best experience for your users.
Slower websites will be provided with a link to our WebHosting addon in the header of the page.


Cancel app build process on the Download Apps page
Cancel the build at any time during the build process. This is especially useful when a build gets stuck on initialization.

Updated Help links (?) button
You can now click the Help button to see the release notes, AppMySite news, the troubleshooter, and any promotions we have running at the time.

Visit release notes directly while building your apps
Wondering what the new update of AppMySite code base contains? Now you can easily check by clicking the link on the download app for details on the new update before rebuilding your apps.

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