Release Notes 13.01.2021


Introducing the Language Support add-on
It is now possible to translate your app in a language that you prefer. The language support addon automatically translates your mobile app to the default language set of your website, within a click.

The default language of the app will remain English, without the addon. The users of your app will be able to switch between English and the default language. Spanish is the only language currently supported on the addon, we will be introducing more languages in the coming weeks.
Android, iOS, Web


Website dashboard

The all new dashboard of your mobile app will now display more information than it previously did. Earlier, the dashboard imitated the Download App module which has been overhauled with the new design. 

Find most of the information related to your mobile app including your current subscription plan, the code version of your app built, a checklist to build your app and more.


Check email verification
Check the status of your email verification from the My Profile page on the website.

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