Release Notes 17.12.2020


Added User Management addon

The User management feature has been extended through this addon product. This addon enables you to include additional team members as part of your active subscription. THis addon has been introduced for people who would like to add more members to collaborate on their mobile app. You can also remove inactive users at any time to get  complete control over user management.

Introducing Performance Section

Our customers can now enjoy exclusive deals with WP Engine and CloudFlare through the affiliate links provided on this page.


Dashboard header settings relocated

The customization of Dashboard header settings has been moved from the Color Theme section to Dashboard settings.

Upload to App Stores plugin can be repurchased

The “Upload to app store” add-on includes services to submit your app one time. We launch weekly updates to improvise our system and it will practically not be possible for us to update your app every time we launch a new code version. However, you can now subscribe to our addon again to update your app again for 1 time.

Added active/inactive status to User Management

You can now see which users are active and inactive from the Users page of the website. Inactive users will not be able to see the app or make any changes to it. 

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