Release Notes 17.2.2022


New Android Code version release

Code Version 1.15.0 has been released for Android.

New iOS Code version release

Code Version 1.15.1 has been released for iOS.

All new Android app

The all new Android build has been created from scratch using the MVVM architecture, ensuring better performance and fluid interface for the apps. This is a major release that resolves numerous bugs that our customers have been facing. Furthermore, the new code version release of the Android app also resolves errors and warnings on Google search console. 

The release is currently available as a beta release which you can opt into in the Android build configuration.


Bottom bar navigation functionality updated

The bottom bar will be visible throughout the app now rather than only being displayed while the Home Screen is open. 

If you wish to reload the page that the bottom bar button is on, you can simply press the same button again. For example, if you were on your Home page and navigated further, but wanted to return you can now simply click the Home button the bottom bar again to load it. 

This feature is currently exclusive to iOS, Android will soon follow

Post code field in Checkout

Recently WooCommerced updated the functionality of the Checkout so only capitalized post codes would be recognized for selecting the Shipping methods. 

We have updated this so that the postcode is always capitalized within the app. 
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