Release Notes 19.05.2021


New App Counter for AppSumo customers

Check the number of apps that have been created from your account as an AppSumo customer. The App Counter will also reflect the number of apps you can still create from your account.


Updated the Download App page Version History

The unique versioning for our Android and iOS apps has been updated with Apple and Google’s requirements.
Android, iOS, Web

Updated push notifications counter

Check the number of push notifications sent, drafter and scheduled on our push notifications counter.

Updating app domain

The URL field in the General settings will now reflect whether connectivity has been verified or not. If the URL of your app has not been verified, you will not be able to create a build of your app or use the App Preview module. This update will avoid creating multiple apps with the same URL.

Additionally, a new pop-up has been added which instantly appears right after you enter a new URL on your General app settings to verify it.

Disable Your website is slow message 

After running the connectivity troubleshooter, if your APIs are responding slowly ,the page displays a message with recommendations to speed up your connection. You can choose to disable this message from appearing in your troubleshoot module.

Revamped Addon page

Each add-on has been updated with tags to identify the nature of service they include. This will eventually help in distinguishing if an add-on includes a professional service or is an automated plugin. You can also filter add-ons based on tags to make them easily discoverable.

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