Release notes 19.07.2021


New Android Code version release

Code Version 1.11.1 has been released for Android.

New iOS Code version release

Code Version 1.11.1 has been released for iOS.

Disable Cart and Search icon from header

Now disable all the icons from the header. The ability to disable the menu has also been live since the last release. 

Go to the Home Screen settings to disable the Search icon. Here, you can also modify the Header settings for the Home Screen. The Cart icon can be disabled under the Products Settings.

Android, iOS, Web

Manage the color scheme for Discount and Cart badge

You can now customize the color of the cart and discount badges from the Products Settings. 

If you have these settings enabled, you can see two color pickers to customize the badges.

Android, iOS, Web

Show password icon added to apps

Your app users will be able to double check their entered passwords now. 

Android, iOS


App WebView enhanced

The app now features the ability to open a menu which will allow you to Open the page in a browser, copy the link, and Share the page.

The web view features for the apps have been enhanced for a more dynamic experience.

Android, iOS

Section colors now applies to all Home Screen sections

Previously, only selected sections of the home screen would be affected by this setting. With this release, you can now customize the background color for the entire Home Screen (different sections) of your app. 

Android, iOS


Camera & Media Usage Permission fixed

The bug that caused this permission to not work as intended has been fixed.


Added support for “any” variants for Variation Products

Previously, we did not support the custom pricing of specific combinations of product variations. It is now extended to all variants.

Android, iOS

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