Release Notes 30.10.2020


New iOS code version release
Code Version 1.3.4 has been released for iOS.

New Android Code version release
Code Version 1.3.4 has been released for Android.

Support for WooCommerce External(Affiliate) products enabled
Previously, we supported integration of simple, variable and downloadable products from WooCommerce product types. This made it difficult for affiliate marketers to build apps using our system. Extending support for external products has made it easier for affiliate marketers to build apps using AppMySite.
Android, iOS

Sort by options are no longer static
The Sort by options had been homogenous for all apps. Now the apps will reflect the sorting options as per the setting on your website.
Android, iOS


Unable to enter coupon codes
Clicking the coupon code text field was incorrectly opening the billing page instead of allowing the app users to enter a coupon, or prompting them to log in. The issue has now been fixed and can be resolved by simply creating a new build of your app.

Product quantities in the cart allowed to be added past the available stock
App users were able to click the ‘+’ button in the Cart to add more than the available stock of the product.

Enabled continuous scrolling between app and dashboard WebView
The scrolling for the WebView and the app’s dashboard were independent of each other. Due to this, some of the mobile apps could not be scrolled out of the WebView.

Allowed Out of Stock products to be added to the cart
For some products, the Out of Stock button shown in the app was clickable and was allowing app users to add those products to the cart.

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