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Delete AppMySite account

To delete an AppMySite account, you must delete all the mobile apps you’ve built within this particular account. Click here to learn how to...

Can I downgrade or upgrade my subscription at any time?

You can downgrade or upgrade your subscription at any time as long as your subscription is active. There are two ways to change your...

What happens if I stop paying for my subscription?

AppMySite is based on a subscription model. Once you stop paying for your subscription, your mobile app will automatically be deactivated, even if it...

How can I use the credit in my AppMySite wallet?

Any remaining credit in your account is automatically deducted on the payment screen when you make a purchase on AppMySite.

Where and how I can use the AppMySite wallet credit?

Your AppMySite wallet is credited when you downgrade your existing subscription plan. You can use these credits for making any purchase on AppMySite. This...