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With AppMySite, you have the option to render a webview interface in the home screen of your app.

In the following steps, you can learn how to enable a webview interface on your app’s home screen and configure its display.

  • Turn on the toggle on the Web View tab. Next, click on Settings. 
  • Enter the webpage URL. This mobile version of the webpage will be rendered in the app. 
  • In order to show your website’s header in the app, turn on the toggle. Similarly, you can enable the toggle to display the website’s footer as well. 
  • If you’d like to hide an element of your mobile webpage in the app’s webview interface, you can do this by either mentioning the HTML element by ID or class. 
  • You can preview the webview interface in the Android and iOS emulators. In addition, you can also preview the app on real smartphone devices. 

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