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AppMySite enables you to create Workspaces within your AppMySite account. A workspace is a place where you can group similar apps away from your personal account. It is the best way to manage different app projects within your AppMySite account. 

Within a Workspace, you can build unlimited apps if you choose to upgrade it to a paid plan. You would only need a single subscription for all your apps. 

Here’s how you can set up a Workspace in your AppMySite account:

If you don’t have an AppMySite account and want to get started by creating a Workspace, follow the steps below:

Within a Workspace that’s associated with a paid plan, you can build & publish as many apps as you like. 

Invite users to your Workspace

With every paid Workspace plan, you can invite a certain number of users to create and manage apps within your Workspace.

Here’s how you can invite users to your workspace:

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