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Converting your WordPress site to a premium and native mobile app is a breeze with AppMySite. Grow your brand with our intuitive app builder exclusively designed for WordPress.

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The best way to create WordPress apps

Your WordPress website is unique, and so your app should be. No matter what your website is, there’s a stunning WordPress app waiting for you.

Get instant app delivery

Building your WordPress app doesn’t have to be complicated. AppMySite powers you to create your app within minutes of signing up.

Create iOS
Build iOS & Android apps

Create premium native apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Publish your apps on the Play Store and App Store in record time.

No coding
No code. No problem

You don't have to be a tech wizard to build a mobile app on AppMySite. Go from WordPress to app without writing a single line of code.

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Build first, pay later

We prioritize your satisfaction. Experience app building with AppMySite for free and only pay to publish when you are happy.

Match your WordPress theme

You don’t need to learn app design to build a stunning app. Point and click to get the perfect look for your
app and harmonize its theme with your website.

Take a cue from your website

Synchronize your website and app design. Set a color theme for your mobile app that closely matches the layout and experience of your website.

Customizable home screen

Get complete creative control over your app. Design an interactive home screen to ensure frictionless app navigation and smooth content discoverability.

Preview app in real-time

Preview your app as you build it. Monitor your progress in real time with multiple preview emulators and see how responsive your app is in simulated device environments.


One-click connection to WordPress

Leverage your WordPress website to the fullest and bring all its awesomeness on your mobile app.
Connect your website and app with a click and scale to success.

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Install AppMySite WordPress plugin

The AppMySite WordPress plugin is your one-click key to many doors. Just install & activate our plugin on your website and connect it with the app to unlock endless possibilities.

Auto-populate website content on app

Adding content manually is no fun. Automatically push all your website content on the mobile app with one click. Mirror website data and reflect every change on the app instantaneously.

Smooth connectivity with troubleshooting

Eliminate any errors affecting your website and app connectivity with smart and instant troubleshooting. Rectify connection issues to ensure frictionless and robust app performance.

WordPress apps your users will love

Spend time growing your business, not building your app. Add powerful features in a few clicks and
build a powerful app that grows with your business.

Enable guest browsing

Do not lose potential customers by forcing them to register. Control accessibility and enable guest users to browse your app content without signing up.

Create multilingual apps

Allow users to choose from different languages in your mobile app. Automatically translate your app to your website’s default language and allow users to switch anytime.

Support for custom posts

Think beyond the default! Not every business can make do with generic WordPress post types. Get support for custom post types & taxonomies and build all kinds of apps.

Easy discoverability

Keep everything within your users’ reach and increase engagement and conversions. Make all your content easily discoverable with the smart search options on your app.

Allow social sharing

From blogs and portfolios to podcasts and service manuals, publish anything on your app and share it with the world. Add an app share link and allow users to share your app on the go.

Enable social login

Offer more login & signup options to your users and make onboarding effortless. Enable users to login to your WordPress app with email, Facebook, Google or Apple accounts

Easy integration with woocommerce

Think beyond blogging and add products to your app besides blog posts & pages with our app builder for WordPress & WooCommerce. Effortlessly integrate WooCommerce with your app and offer a rich browsing and shopping experience to users.

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A powerful WordPress mobile app

Build all kinds of apps for all kinds of websites. Discover every feature you
need to create the perfect WordPress app for your business.

Auto-populate blogs

Automatically publish as many blog posts to your mobile app as you like and keep delivering great content to your readers.

Unlimited theme support

Get support for all popular themes with our free WordPress mobile app builder and turn every app session into a visual treat for your users.

Extend chat support

Add the chat feature to your WordPress mobile app and address user concerns, queries and feedback with absolute ease.

Manage blog categories

Let every in-app movement be a cakewalk for your users. Create a smart hierarchy of blog categories and make content discovery super easy.

Send push notifications

Send unlimited push notifications and connect with app users, anytime and anywhere. Inspire them to launch the app and use it more frequently.

Monetize your app

Set up advertisement campaigns in your mobile app using AdMob. Display relevant ads from Google and monetize your apps effortlessly.

More than 30,000 WordPress plugins supported

AppMySite supports a large number of WordPress plugins to help you create powerful WordPress apps.

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See how AppMySite works

AppMySite has been designed to make app development accessible, simple and fun. We power you to build customized apps in a code-free environment and unleash your true potential.

Get a first hand experience of AppMySite and enjoy new age app building. Checkout AppMySite and sign up for a free experience now.

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Checkout features that power your app

Features play a vital role in your app users’ experience. With AppMySite, you can pick and add suitable app features from a range of options.

The apps mirror your website and help you retain the essence of your brand. Checkout the features of the apps built on our platform and learn how your app is powered.

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Turn WordPress to mobile app in minutes

Achieve maximum potential with minimum effort. Convert your WordPress website to Android & iOS app in three simple steps.


Connect your website and app with a click and offer a consistent and enriching experience to your customers.


Create an app that complements your website and aligns with your brand theme and business goals.


Download your Android & iOS apps for WordPress and go live on the Google Play & Apple App Store in no time.

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We Mobile Apps

Considering how easy it is to build websites, mobile apps shouldn’t be any different. Create dynamic and powerful mobile apps for all kinds of websites and deliver a seamless experience to your mobile app users.

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AppMySite’s powerful and user-friendly app builder enables everyone to create apps without writing a single line of code. Build an affordable app for your website and ensure quality and perfection.

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