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How entrepreneurs should build apps to save time, effort and money

To save time, effort and money, entrepreneurs need to find a well-planned way to build an app that is integrated with their existing web platform, so that it is easy to run and maintain the app.

To achieve this, entrepreneurs can convert their existing website into an app . This helps in saving resources in building and maintaining apps for the business.

Such apps also helps save time and effort in selling, marketing and carrying out operations for the business.

You can use an app builder online like AppMySite to create an app that works in sync with your existing website. App created on this platform help engage customers, carry out marketing with ease and sell effectively.

To ensure that your app achieves all its business purposes and is accessible to a majority of your target market, you can build apps for Android and iOS, as they are very popular operating systems.

With AppMySite’s WordPress and Woocommerce app builder, you can easily convert your websites on these platforms into efficient apps for Android and iOS.

Here are some of the things such apps helps you achieve for your business:

1. Attract new customers

With an efficient app you can attract new customers from search engines, social media, your own website and referrers. Apps are easier to use for mobile users, which are increasing every day; therefore, it is wise to invest in an online platform that is easily accessible for them.

App download pages on Google Play and Apple app stores get a lot of traffic from people searching for similar products or services online. This helps you achieve added visibility on Google, which is great to attract new users. Your apps may also gain viral popularity when promoted on social media and other influential channels.

2. Engage customers

Apps help in engaging customers for a long time. You can add special product and content categories in your app to entertain, educate and inspire your customers. With seasonal and curated product categories, customers are motivated to engage more with your products, which eventually lead to higher sales.

You can also add a blog section to the app to deliver informative and relevant content to your customers. App notifications, location services, product recommendations and easy purchase payment options also help keep customers engaged. You can also add loyalty and referral programs to your apps to hook customers.

3. Up-sell

You can up-sell to customers with the help of features and functionalities of your app. In-app recommendations help increase the purchase basket size of customers. Your app’s cart can also be designed efficiently to enable users to easily add or edit orders. Recommendations in the cart also help increase revenue.

You can send notifications to users to highlight offers on complimentary products to users. This helps in bringing customers back to the app and to check out complimentary products for purchase. You can also send other offers to existing customers to increase traffic on the app. Up-selling becomes easy and cost-effective with an app.

4. Marketing tools in apps

Apps allow businesses to carry out cost-effective marketing. You can use various native app functionalities to create marketing campaigns and send marketing messages to customers. Some of the native app tools that are used for marketing are push notification, in-app notifications, product recommendations and in-app promotional banners.

Marketing messages can be shown or sent to customers using these tools. Other services like location services, access to user’s contact list, and collection of personal data can help in profiling customers and creating and showing relevant marketing campaigns to users, so that they see value in shopping with you.

5. Easy payment collection

You can easily collect payments from your shoppers through your apps. Apps use payment gateway integration, mobile wallet integration, and other easy payment modes to enable users to pay through modes that they prefer. This increases the chances of order completion from users.

App built with AppMySite integrate the payment gateway from your website into your app, so that you are able to collect payments from all the online purchasers through one channel. This makes your task of sales management and audit simple and organized. Seamless and safe integration of payment gateways in apps make online selling easy.

6. Retain customers

With the help of apps, you are able to retain customers for a long time. You can allow your customers to easily stay connected with you through your mobile apps. As more and more users are using mobile devices to regularly access online shopping and content platforms, you will be able to retain those regular customers through apps.

Also, once a user downloads and installs an app on their mobile devices, they tend to use those apps for a long time. This helps you retain customers and increase their lifetime value for your business. You can also give loyalty rewards to customers using your app, so that they are motivated to stay connected with you.

7. Easy payment collection

Apps allow you to gain referral traffic from various sources. Your current users can be motivated to share your app, content or products on social media. This will encourage the friends and family members of your users who see those posts to visit your platform or download your app.

You can also incentivize your existing customers to share the app or give referrals to you. This helps you gain authentic traffic, as word of mouth and referral traffic is more likely to generate more business for you than any other source of new traffic. Also you can write content and add products that are shareable and engaging.

8. Easy to maintain and update

When you build an app, ensure that it is easy to maintain and update. Apps built with AppMySite work in sync with your website, so that any content or product added to the website is automatically reflected in your app, too. This helps you save a lot of time and effort in keeping your content and product menu updated.

Integration of all your online platforms can help you keep the content and product data consistent on all the platforms. In its absence, your content managers and merchandisers will spend a lot of time in adding content to both your website and app. Also, ensure that the app’s design matches your branding and website theme, so that your customers can relate to it.

With the apps that have the above features, entrepreneurs can easily minimise their resource requirement for sales, marketing and operations. Technology should be leveraged well to reduce cost and improve efficiency of your business and staff.

You can use WordPress and Woocommerce app builder of AppMySite to create efficient apps that work in perfect sync with your website. This helps you achieve the kind of efficiency and exposure you need to increase your revenue, gain new customers at low cost, and to retain customers to build a strong foundation of loyal customers.

With an app builder online, you can reduce your cost of making an app and save a lot of time and effort in doing so. Build smart apps using smart and efficient modes like AppMySite.



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