White-label AppMySite for your agency

Discover AppMySite’s Agency white-label, an exclusive solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of agencies. This product allows you to extend your services and grow revenue streams by personalizing AppMySite’s app-building platform with your branding.


Experience full white-label capabilities

Our Agency Solution empowers you to host our platform on your domain, maintain a full white-label identity, and serve an unlimited number of customers. Dive into a world of limitless possibilities and growth!

Host on your domain

Host our app-building platform directly on your domain with our Agency Solution, seamlessly integrating app development into your services.

Showcase your own brand

Incorporate your brand name and logo throughout our app-building platform, plugins, and automated emails to establish a unified and professional image for your business.

Manage unlimited customers

Efficiently onboard customers for seamless operations, empowering your clients to expand without constraints and boosting your revenue potential.

Built for growth. Built for agencies.

AppMySite's Agency White Label solution is your agency's key to a world of limitless possibilities. Designed to cater to diverse agency types, it empowers you to fully private label our app-building platform. Here's how our solution unlocks new horizons for different agency profiles

Design agencies

Enhance your design services by integrating a white-labeled app builder seamlessly into your solutions.

Development agencies

Deliver high-value app projects with a personalized touch, thanks to our white labeling capabilities.

Brand agencies

Provide your clients with the power to craft their apps and take control of their brand identity.

Creative agencies

Elevate your creative services by offering app design and development and creating holistic branding solutions for your clients.

Digital agencies

Attract and retain clients by becoming a one-stop digital solution with our white-labeled app builder.

Media agencies

Add value to your service portfolio by expanding your media services with AppMySite's comprehensive app-building platform.

Advertising agencies

Boost your ad services with a white-labeled app builder that enables even beginners to create native iOS and Android mobile apps.


The solution that puts you in control

AppMySite's Agency solution empowers you with complete control, enabling independent management of accounts, user subscriptions, and pricing, all within an efficient, cost-transparent platform. You can take charge of your business and offer tailored services to your clients, fostering sustainability and boosting revenue growth.

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Scale quickly with powerful and easy-to-use features

Host on your domain

Elevate your brand with seamless hosting. Configure DNS for tailored experiences and allow clients to log in from your domain.

Full white-labeling

Achieve complete white-labeling, creating a brand-matching agency. From the platform to emails, everything carries your agency's name.

Manage your customers

Oversee clients and gain insights with a user-friendly dashboard by tracking metrics like app counts, user engagement and much more.

Provide direct support

Give direct support through contact details and resource links for swift issue resolution, encouraging direct customer inquiries.

Branded WordPress plugin

Craft a white-labeled WordPress plugin in your brand's name, simplifying website-to-app connections for customers.

Collaborate effortlessly

Effortlessly invite team members to your agency account and assign roles for streamlined access management and seamless collaboration.

The perfect app development solution for every business

Find clients and customers in every industry. AppMySite is the ideal no-code app development solution for all businesses, and now you can sell it as your own.




eCommerce Store


Grocery Store


Convenience Store




Real Estate


Clothing Store








Extend your service portfolio with our products

Discover the possibilities as we offer four unique solutions to meet your agency’s goals.


Convert any WordPress website into an app


Convert any WooCommerce website into an app.

Web to App

Convert any website into an app.

Custom App

Create an app without a website and any knowledge of coding.


Distribute apps everywhere

AppMySite enables you to build native Android, iOS, and progressive web applications (PWAs). With best-in-class technology stacks, our apps are designed for distribution across major app platforms and marketplaces.

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Getting started made easy

Sign up for AppMySite’s white-label app builder in three simple steps.


Easily create your agency right from your AppMySite account, opening up exciting possibilities.


White-label the app-building platform with your brand logo, domain, support emails, plugins, and more.


Start promoting the platform and adding customers within your agency dashboard with a simple click.

3steps 3steps

Unlock new revenue opportunities

With AppMySite's Agency white-label solution, the revenue possibilities are endless. Here's how you can capitalize on this opportunity

Reduced development costs

Cut expenses with a cost-effective, ready-to-use platform for your agency.

Extended service offerings

Expand services by incorporating app development, delivering more value to your clients.

Your platform, your pricing

Have control over your platform and tailor the pricing to match your business strategy.

Get started

Support at your fingertips

With our Agency solution, our expert support team is here to help you seamlessly align our platform with your branding, allowing you to concentrate on business growth while we handle technology and innovation.

Whether it's domain hosting, managing customers, or even creating a WordPress plugin, we’re here to provide guidance and solutions .We work closely with you to understand your specific needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we handle technology and innovation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a monthly subscription?faqplus

Yes! Agencies get access to unlimited apps, customers, and team members for a monthly subscription fee. The pricing structure empowers agencies to scale limitlessly at a fixed monthly fee.

How does the Agency product work?faqplus

You can white-label AppMySite's app-building platform, and extend app-development services to your customers. Your customers won’t even realize that they are building their apps using AppMySite’s platform.

Are the Agency offerings truly unlimited?faqplus

Yes! There is no limit to the number of customers you can onboard, the number of apps they can create, or team members you can collaborate with. Keep in mind that each Agency subscription has a storage limit and an average app uses about 500 MB of storage space.

How many customers can I onboard?faqplus

There’s no restriction on the number of customers who can register on your white-labeled platform.

What features and products will my customers be able to access?faqplus

For a detailed breakdown of features covered under each plan, please refer to our pricing page.

Plans supported

Preview, Starter, Pro and Premium

Products supported

WordPress to app, WooCommerce to app, Web to app, and Custom app.

The features accessible to your customers depend on the product they subscribe to and the plan you assign to them.

How should my Agency charge my customers?faqplus

You have the flexibility to set your pricing structure and you can continue to bill your customers directly/offline. However, it's advisable to consider industry standards. Many successful agencies opt for one-time payments to provide their customers with convenience.

Here are some advantages of charging a one-time payment:

Instant revenue: You receive the full payment upfront, ensuring immediate revenue for your services.

Simplicity: Billing is straightforward for both you and your customers, eliminating recurring billing concerns.

Lower churn: Typically, lower customer churn as they've invested in the app.

Charging in alignment with industry norms can enhance the perceived value of your services and simplify the billing process for both you and your customers. However, it is prudent to consider that an average consumer spent approximately $50,000 to develop a mobile app in 2022.

Ultimately, the choice of how to charge your customers should be based on your specific business model, goals, and your understanding of your customers' preferences.

How do I manage my customer’s app subscription plan?faqplus

You’ll have access to a dedicated management interface to manage your customers, their apps and subscriptions. By default, each app created by your customers will be on the Preview plan (free plan). You can easily manage their subscription, allowing you to upgrade or downgrade them as needed.

Keep in mind that in order to manage your customers’ subscriptions, you'll need to ensure you have a paid Agency plan.

How will I personalize my white-label?faqplus

As part of the white-label Agency solution, you gain access to the following rebranding features.

White label:

Customize the platform with your own branding, making it appear as your own.

Host on your domain:

Allow your customers to log in from your domain.

Connect your email server:

Send emails from your own email address, ensuring all communication with customers is sent out from your agency.

Provide direct support:

Provide relevant contact details and resource links, allowing customers to contact you directly for support and guidance.

Rebrand WordPress plugin:

Get access to a white-labeled WordPress plugin, allowing customers to connect their website and app using your private-labeled plugin.

Manage customers:

Efficiently manage customers from your agency dashboard while gaining insights such as the number of apps, app installs, last login, and more.

What happens to my customer’s apps when I stop paying?faqplus

Once an agency discontinues payment, their plan will automatically be downgraded at the end of the current subscription cycle. Any customer apps created or published will cease to function.

Do you provide any support or training material for my agency’s customers?faqplus

At this moment, we do not provide specific support or training material for your agency's customers. However, our team is committed to continually improving our services to achieve our ultimate goal of simplifying app development for everyone and supporting our agency partners in delivering greater value to their clients. We are actively working to enhance our offerings. Watch this space for any new support or training materials that may become available in the future.

Is it possible to migrate live apps to my Agency white-label?faqplus

Yes, it's possible. AppMySite supports the migration of live apps published on the App Store and the Google Play Store to your Agency white-label. No action will be required from app users.

Do you provide custom development services?faqplus

Unfortunately no! We prioritize development that cater to the broader needs of the masses rather than individual requirements.

How can I ensure that my client's application is a success?faqplus

To make your client's app a success, follow these suggestions:

  • Understand user needs.
  • Ensure a good user experience (UX).
  • Offer useful features.
  • Optimize for mobile devices.
  • Market the app.
  • Collect user feedback.
  • Measure results using analytics.

In summary, understanding user needs, providing a quality user experience, advertising the app, collecting user feedback, and measuring results are crucial for the success of your client's app.

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