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AppMySite’s code-free iOS app maker empowers you to make your own app within minutes. Build premium feature-rich apps for iPhone and grow your business without limits.


How to make an iOS app in just 3 steps?

AppMySite simplifies iOS app development like no other code-free app maker. Turn your iOS app
idea into a reality and make it come alive in minutes.


Get started by connecting your website and mobile app with a few clicks.


Customize your app to align it with the theme and goal of your brand.


Download your iOS mobile app and publish it on the Apple App Store.

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Design and build stunning iPhone apps

Users should feel attracted, engaged, and familiar to the app the second they launch it. AppMySite’s iOS app creator enables you to cut down your designing time & efforts and make stunning apps. You can create fully customized apps that captivate your users.

Our intuitive dashboard keeps you guided and moving as you design your app icon, personalize screen designs, play with button colors, and more. Preview every step as you progress and style your app to perfection like an experienced design professional.


iOS app development made easy

Made your website with dedication & love? Use it as a base to build an app for iPhone and save time and resources. Create high-performing iOS apps without any coding.

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Connect your website and app with a click

As we do all the heavy lifting, you can just sit back and enjoy building your iPhone app. Get onboard with AppMySite and turn your website into an iOS app with a click.

Auto-populate website data to app

AppMySite lets you bring your website content on the iOS app with a few clicks. Utilize all the existing data on your website and save hours’ worth of manual efforts.

Establish strong & smooth connection

Our iPhone app maker comes with a smart troubleshooting feature for identifying connection issues. Iron out any kinks and ensure smooth website-app connectivity.

Benefits of building an iOS app

Apple as a platform is renowned for its high-end quality and user-first approach. Creating an iOS app
can be rewarding for your business in many ways, here’s why.

Outstanding quality control

From regulated and controlled management to building user-friendly environments, Apple is uncontested when it comes to dedicated quality service.

Easier development

When premium apps are the goal, Apple’s infrastructure & technology remain unmatched. This is why many developers consider iOS app development easier.

Dedicated user-base

Apps on the Apple App Store have been making record revenue since years. This is because iOS users love to spend on apps, and it is a profitable market for businesses.

Unified market

The iOS market is not fragmented as the device options are limited. This helps you narrow down your efforts in terms of development, testing, & marketing and become more efficient.

Robust security

Apple’s systems are unparalleled when it comes to data privacy, and confidentiality. You can remain worry free about your app’s security on the marketplace.

Super-smooth scalability

iOS apps are highly sophisticated and scalable. You can scale and grow your business without limits as the app will smoothly align with your evolving demands.

Why choose AppMySite’s iOS app maker

AppMySite has been designed to address the complexities of app development and make it super-simple. We let
anyone create native iOS apps without any coding.

Turn any idea into an app

From basic blogging apps to enterprise-grade applications, everything is possible on AppMySite. Our app builder aligns with your vision and lets you create all kinds of apps.

Develop iOS apps in minutes

AppMySite takes pride in balancing ease, speed & quality, and powers you to expedite development and deployment. Realize your app goals in no time and get going.

Exercise complete control

We do not believe in templating or limiting your ideas. You are free to customize your app design on an empty canvas and add the features that matter for your business.

Preview your app projects

AppMySite is free until you commit. Preview all your work on live screens & emulators and be sure of everything. Only pay to upgrade when you are ready to commit.

Fastrack iPhone app development

AppMySite streamlines every aspect of iOS app development and lets you sail through the process smoothly. You can start with personalizing your app and adding the required features in a point and click environment. Yes, it is that easy.

All of the block-building ideally only takes a few minutes. Once customized and previewed for perfection, you can download the build for your iOS app. That’s it. Your ready-to-upload iOS app package will be available in no time.


Test your iOS app on real devices

Test your fully-built iOS apps in a real-world environment and know how your app looks and feels. Download your iOS app on a mobile device and preview it.

Get first-hand experience of your app design and features with ease. Launch flawless apps on the Apple App Store and engage more users.


See how AppMySite works

AppMySite fast tracks iOS app development and makes it super-easy. Build powerful apps in a code-free environment and personalize the design with point and click options.

Set up your mobile app in minutes and configure the settings and features with ease. Take a tour of AppMySite and create your app for free now.

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Auto-publish your iOS app on Apple App Store

AppMySite not only lets you cover the journey from concept to app in minutes, but also powers you to publish your iOS app on your own. You can preview the fully built app on our dedicated iOS device emulators and be launch-ready.

Our auto-publish feature lets you submit new versions of your mobile apps to the App Stores from within your AppMySite account. Submit apps that adhere to Apple’s guidelines and automate all your future submissions for new versions.


Every feature your iOS app needs

AppMySite unifies multiple technologies under one-roof and helps you scale your app beyond limits. Add
endless features to the app and amplify your growth.

Mobile app analytics

Keep a tab on your popular app content and keywords and take data-backed decisions for your business. Track app downloads, usage data, and more.

Monetize with ads

Connect your Ad Mob account with your app and show ads from Google. Monetize the app with the best global ad-networks and earn passive revenue.

Push notifications

Send customized and scheduled push notifications to your iOS app users for free. Keep them informed and earn more engagement on your app.

Chat with your app users

Integrate the chat software you already know and love and offer instant help to your app users. Add the button to any screen and extend one-click support.

We Agencies

AppMySite is built to fast track app development and empower agencies to deliver projects seamlessly. Create
dynamic and native mobile apps for all your clients without coding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I develop an iPhone app without coding?faqplus

If you are looking for a quick, easy, affordable, and code-free iOS app development solution then AppMySite is your answer. It has been designed for citizen development and anyone can create premium iOS apps on the platform without any prior experience or coding knowledge. Just subscribe to AppMySite’s iPhone app creator and start building your app immediately.

What is an IPA file?faqplus

IPA is an iOS and iPadOS application archive file which stores an iOS or iPadOS app. You can think of it as a compressed folder that contains files and data that together constitute an iOS application. With AppMySite, you can generate and download an IPA file for your iOS app and submit it to the Apple App Store for publishing your iOS app.

What is WordPress & WooCommerce deep integration?faqplus

AppMySite lets you convert any type of website into an iOS app. However, we offer deep integration with WordPress and WooCommerce websites. This means that you can bring your website’s functionality to the native interface of your iOS app on a huge scale. Your apps remain as powerful and secure as your website and you can run the two in tandem.

Can I create a web view app for iOS?faqplus

Yes, you can. You can create high-performing native apps as well as flexible web view apps for iOS with AppMySite. Enable web view functionality for any app and render your website within your iOS app with only a few clicks. You can specifically enable web view for pages, products, posts, etc. Web view for the entire app can also be enabled under the “Settings” section of your AppMySite account. You can visit our Help Centre and know more about our web view feature.

How can I test my iOS app?faqplus

Testing your iOS app for perfection becomes easier with AppMySite. It has advanced emulators, and you can track every design update you make to your app on a dedicated live preview screen for iOS. Fully designed iOS apps can also be tested under the “Preview” section of your AppMySite account. Just click on iOS and select an emulator device of your choice. Preview the app and take screenshots if needed. Additionally, you can also test your iOS app on a real device. Read our guide to learn about this feature in detail.

How can I download my iOS app?faqplus

You can download your iOS app under the “Download” section of your AppMySite account. Click on the “Build iOS app” button to open the iOS build configuration screen. Here, you can configure and enable features like push notifications, social login, monetization, and more. Click on “Build App” next and download the IPA build of your mobile app. You can also refer to our Help Centre for more details.

What if I already have a live iOS app?faqplus

If you already have a live app on Apple App Store, you can just create a new app with us and publish it under the same app listing. The app you build with AppMySite and push on the app store will replace your existing app. Your end users can simply update their apps from the Apple App Store and view the new app. Visit our Help Center to learn more about it.

What is the cost of building an iOS app?faqplus

AppMySite has been designed to suit every budget and business. We have made app development possible for all and our pricing is as competitive as it can get. You can build affordable iOS apps for your business without compromising on the quality front. Depending upon your goals and preferences, you can choose any suitable plan. To know more about our packages and what we offer, you can refer to our Pricing page.

I have a question that is not listed here.faqplus

Didn’t find your question listed here? Nothing to worry about. You can reach out to us directly via our contact page or visit our Help Center to learn more. There is also a dedicated community for AppMySite and you may find your answers there as well. Just drop your queries and start a conversation on the forum. Our seasoned customers and forum members might just help you out.

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